Our Business History: Roseborough Travel Agency has been the premier travel planning company in the DeLand Area since 1970. Founded by Mildred Roseborough when she only had a rotary phone and a card table, this business has been built up upon sweat, blood, tears, and some seriously hard work. 

Twenty years after first opening the business, Mildred's daughter MaryWayne took over and really put the gift of gab to work. Anyone who knows MaryWayne will tell you about her amazing customer service. She had extensive knowledge of the destinations, the cruise lines and tour companies, and the confidence of what she was telling the clients was the truth in it being the best trip for them. 

In 2010, Roseborough was purchased by John Pauszek, Tiffany Clay, Amanda Vallone, and Cathy Blanchette. Our owner's circle took a travel agency (when all other travel agencies were closing around us) from a company ready for retirement itself and transformed it into an agency of the 21st century. Through hard work, dedication, and some major team-work we developed this agency into a company of the future with a future. Our team grew our business over 30% year over year. 

In 2017, Cathy Blanchette left the owner's circle in pursuit of her dream to live up north. Now, Roseborough is owned and operated by Tiffany Clay and Amanda Vallone. We live our lives and run our business with passion, determination, and heart. As you can tell, Roseborough has a strong history of some really amazing WOMEN with a dream and a mission. We are proud of our history and know it is part of our future. 


Our Mission: With over forty years of experience planning vacations and guiding tours, Roseborough Travel Agency has fulfilled the travel dreams of many since 1970. Located in beautiful Downtown Deland, Florida Roseborough is a fully licensed and bonded Travel Agency here to work for YOU!  We are dedicated to fulfilling our clients dreams one destination at a time! We are a committed and enthusiastic staff of individuals who have been working within the industry and traveling for years! We LOVE to travel and we LOVE helping our guests plan their next vacation. 

At Roseborough, every client becomes like family to us.  So sit back, relax, and let us plan the vacation of your lifetime!


Roseborough Travel – Where you can travel the world and fulfill your dreams one destination at a time! 

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