Update from Roseborough Travel


Dear Explorers,


Due to COVID-19, we have established a set of policies and procedures to keep our Explorers and Team safe and healthy. 


We’re currently open from 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday.


Our hours are limited right now in order to give us the time to spend a few extra hours cleaning and sanitizing all our high traffic areas. Plus, we’re catching up on the various re-bookings and new policies in our industry. 


We’re requesting that you make an appointment in order to maintain social distancing and not have too many people in our office at a time. 


More than half of our team is currently still working from home and on limited hours to maintain a safe and adequate distance from others. 


Our team has chosen not to wear masks in the office. We would love if you do wear masks. And if you should choose to join us in person and would feel more comfortable with us wearing masks, please let us know, we will put them on before you arrive for your appointment. Please call us at 386-734-7245 before coming into the office so we can be prepared for you.


All our client chairs are set at least 6 feet from our desks as to maintain an adequate social distance. 


We have hand sanitizer on each desk and will be requiring you to uphold our "you touch it, you take it" policy with all brochures. We have an abundance of travel brochures, and if you touch it we would require you to take it with you. Don't want it? Please share it with a close friend or recycle it. Not comfortable with printed materials? No problem, we have a digital copy of most we can send to you. 


Our phased re-opening will hopefully allow us to keep our team safe while getting back to work. 


Please, please, please… Don’t come in sick. If you even think you may be ill, we will be more than happy to have an over the phone or online appointment with you. Let us know what you prefer and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


We want to hug you! We think of you as family, but because you are family, we’re keeping our distance to keep you safe. We love you!

Please stay safe and healthy!
- The Team at Roseborough
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