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I’m a Florida girl through and through. I love the sun, the pool/beach, and warm weather. I’m a graduate from Stetson University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry. I currently work as a veterinary technician, but I also love traveling all over the world and visiting the most unique places possible. I live my life with honesty and live by the motto “It takes a whole lifetime to build your name and one second to lose it”.   

I’d have to say that I’m an expert at “on the go” vacations. My husband and I plan a lot of vacations where we jump from city to city, only spending a few days in each one before we’re off to the next. I’m good at planning hotels, transportation, etc. for vacations where clients are going to experience A LOT! I’ve been all over! So I know a lot about the following locations: Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, and all parts of the US.

Best Travel Experience: My best travel experience would have to be Paris. This was the first city that I traveled to in Europe and it was the first stop on my honeymoon. Just to be able to experience another country and such a beautiful city such as Paris with my new husband was the greatest thing in the world.

Most Recent Trip: The most recent trip I went on was to Boston, MA. My husband and I went up there on a long weekend trip for Valentine’s Day to see the snow and go on a Horse Drawn Sleigh! It was amazing and freezing!

Where do you want to travel to next? Next I plan to travel to London, Iceland, Scotland, and Norway. We are going on a 14 day cruise this fall and hope to see the Northern Lights. I’m so excited to go to Iceland and the Orkney Islands in Scotland.

Funny Travel Story: Ironically enough, when my husband and I went up to Boston a snow storm almost ruined our trip. Our flight got canceled and we had to fly into DC and drive the rest of the way to Boston through the snow storm. AND our luggage didn’t make the flight so we had to go 2 days without it; it was very aggravating at the time but now we look back and laugh.

What do you look for in your traveling? When I travel, we try to find the most unique places we can find to go to. We love to see historical sights and our trips are usually jammed pack trying to get in as much as we possibly can while we’re there. We normally need a vacation from our vacation!

Favorite place to be in the entire world? My favorite place to be would have to be in my parents’ pool. It’s where I first learned to swim, where my love for Scuba began, and where I’ve gotten one too many sun burns haha. But there’s nothing quite like heading to my parents’ and relaxing by their pool all day long - talking, laughing, and just enjoying life.

Best trip you’ve planned for a client? The best trip I’ve planned for a client would have to be a European cruise with additional sightseeing stops in London and Paris. I love Europe so I loved getting to map out their vacation with hotels, transportation, etc. Plus, I love Paris so telling them all about my own experiences and places to visit was a nice trip to memory lane for me. J

Travel Planning Motto? Planning a trip to me is so exciting, whether it’s for myself or someone else! I love the entire process from trying to pin point the perfect location to the hunting around for the price that meets the budget. The best feeling though is when the trip finally arrives and I’m going (or sending someone else) on their way to experience and make memories that will last with them a lifetime.

Favorite place to get food in the entire world? I’d have to say Paris. My husband and I, on our honeymoon, ate the most delicious hot dogs under the Eiffel Tower. There are still some days where we crave those hot dogs. We can’t wait to go back!

Favorite souvenir from a trip? I collect magnets from every city that we’ve been to from every country. I then put them on my refrigerator. I love to just go in the kitchen and look at a city and remember the memories made there. 













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