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 (561)-310-7879 (Lauren's Direct Line)

 (386)-337-0189 (Terry's Line)


Hello! My name is Lauren Grogan and I am an international travel junkie, specializing in Circumnavigation (around the world trips – I’ve done 4 trips myself already!), luxury, adventure and cultural destinations. I have explored 6 continents and over 65 countries to date and certainly don’t plan on stopping there! I love to learn, grow, make and share memories all over the world.  


Best Travel Experience: Oh, there’s just so many! Maybe Climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Or spending a week in the African forest with the famous Gombe Chimpanzees of Tanzania, studied by world-renowned Doctor Jane Goodall. Hiking the mountains of Rwanda Africa and encountering the amazing Gorillas once studied by Dian Fossey. Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Spending every 6 months of summertime in Europe for the past 8 years, traveling around (plane, train, river cruise hopping). Visiting Machu Picchu, the Taj-Mahal in India, the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Morocco, Vietnam, Carnival in Brazil, traveling through New Zealand and Australia; checking those off the Bucket-list! Or perhaps my 6-month trip self-traveling from Cape Town, South Africa all the way up to the top tip north of Africa to Cairo, Egypt. I can’t forget also the months of beautiful island hopping I’ve done in both Asia and the Caribbean. Oh, and I lived in Dubai and in Spain for many months!


Most Recent Trip: I just finished a 9-month trip around the world! Spending 6 of those months self-traveling through Africa, from Cape Town, South Africa (the most southern point of Africa) all the way up to Northern Eastern Africa, the always exciting country of Egypt. I traveled 6,287 miles during this trip by taking planes, rental cars, bus, cruises, river cruises, lake cruises, motorbikes, taxis, trains, steam trains and more. I then proceeded to Asia and spent time in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand and Japan, also including one month spent traveling through Vietnam. I completed the trip with a 2 week stop in England, for my 3rd visit, having the chance to explore London and other outside cities such as the southern coast and the famous Cambridge University.  


Where do you want to travel to next? My new focus is exploring the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Bring on the warm turquoise water, Palm Trees and bright sunny days!


What do you look for in traveling? I look for it all! Food, Adventure, Luxury, Relaxation, History, Culture. An overall unique and customized travel experience. A trip can have all of this!


Favorite Place in the World: Portugal! Definitely my favorite country. So much history, culture, adventure, beauty, luxury, relaxation, delicious foods and drinks and the people are just so nice, friendly and welcoming.


Favorite place to get food? I love Thai food from Thailand or Italian in Italy! – Who doesn’t love amazing Italian food!


Favorite souvenir? My photos from all my travels! With 65 countries under my belt and visiting many of them more than once and exploring many of their cities, you can imagine just how many photos I have gathered over the years! Also, I love collecting jewelry, art and local crafts from around the world in each of the countries I’ve visited!


Travel Planning Motto: Traveling should always be everything you’ve always dreamed of and more.


What kinds of travel are you an expert at?

  • Around-the-World Trips (Become a Circumnavigator!)
  • Luxury Trips/Destination
  • Unique Travel Experiences
  • Unique Contacts
  • Off the Beaten Trail Trips
  • Customized Unique Travel Experiences
  • Corporate Travel
  • Group Trips
  • Singles Trips
  • Africa – travel through Africa or just explore a certain country (I spent several weeks in each country I visited and explored many cities!)
  • Hiking the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • Asia – Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka
  • New Zealand – traveling around!
  • Australia – East Coast!
  • South America – Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina
  • Mexico – Spent 6 months traveling around Mexico!
  • Morocco – Have been here twice and spent a month and a half traveling around and getting to know this culturally rich country.
  • Dubai – I lived here for several months!
  • Spain – I also lived here for many months!
  • Egypt – I have visited twice and also spent a few weeks exploring The Great Pyramids in Cairo along with Cruising the Nile River and visiting numerous cities along the way.
  • Europe – I’ve spent every summer (about 6 months or half of each year!) here traveling for the past 8 years around to more than 26 countries!  

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