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I love to travel because it is what I live for (aside from family), and what I have loved to do since I was a child. I am originally from upstate NY and although money was tight, we always saved all year to go someplace warm, mainly Mexico, every year. My daughter was born 20 years ago and we continued to take these trips with her from when she was 2 and a half on.  It wasn't just the trip, it was the planning, the clothes shopping, looking for a hotel, the anticipation....I have always wanted to be a travel agent, so once I moved to Florida late in 2015, I decided to pursue my dream and make it happen so that I can assist others with their dream trip. I think more and more people are living simpler lives and are looking more for experiences rather than big homes with big mortgages and I couldn't agree more. I love the all-inclusive trips and the beautiful 90-degree blue water, the swim up bars and the heat!! Give me some jacuzzi hot-tubs, water slides and a great beach and I am in heaven.


Best Travel Experience: We rented a four-bedroom catamaran and sailed the British Virgin Islands with two other couples and our little girls.

Funny Travel Story: In Virginia, we rented a car from to drive to Ohio for business. We got in the wrong rental car and my boyfriend put his wallet in the console. We drove five hours, stopped for lunch, then finally realized it. I wanted to kill him, but we laughed and laughed. Thank God the rental company overnighted the wallet and I had enough cash on me to pay for the room for the night.

What do you look for in traveling? When I travel, I look for beaches, cocktails, pools, hot tubs, warm summer breezes and water slides.

Favorite place in the world? Tough question. I have been to Cancun many times, love the short flight and the warm blue water. So maybe Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel…

Best trip you’ve planned for a client: A 20th wedding anniversary to Sandals. They’d never taken a trip like that before.

Travel Planning Moto: Live wisely and within your means, but you’re only here once so live every day as if it were your last and travel as much as you can.

Favorite place to get food? Anywhere except fast food. I love to eat!

Favorite souvenir from a trip? I get a Christmas ornament everywhere I go. They’re priceless when decorating the tree.















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