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Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Covering (emergency) medical expenses.

The No. 1 reason people buy travel insurance is to cover emergency medical expenses in a foreign country. ExactCare and ExactCare Family provide ample coverage for emergency medical and dental treatment, here and abroad.

Covering (pre-existing) medical expenses.

If you buy ExactCare within 15 days of your initial trip deposit, and if the amount of coverage you buy equals the value of all prepaid, nonrefundable payments or deposits, BHTP will waive the pre-existing medical condition exclusion, and will cover pre-existing medical conditions up to the policy’s limit.

Getting you home.

If you’re going somewhere dangerous and/or exotic and/or foreign – or even if you’re just traveling around the country – you need travel insurance that’ll arrange and pay for getting you back home for medical treatment. ExactCare’s emergency- evacuation coverage can go a long way.

Covering trip cancellation.

Life goes on – even during your trip. Maybe you’re called for jury duty or your National Guard unit is deployed. Most airlines and hotels won’t reimburse you if you cancel your trip. ExactCare will pay up to your insured trip cost if your trip is cancelled. Also, "cancel for any reason" coverage is an optional upgrade on ExactCare*.

Helping you if you have to cut your trip short.

The same thing that applies to trip cancellation applies here – and here both ExactCare and ExactCare Family will pay unused trip costs up to the policy limit if your trip is interrupted.

Protecting your flight(s).

Being stranded in an airport because of a missed connection is one of the worst feelings in travel. ExactCare reimburses your covered expenses when you miss a connection or experience unexpected flight delays; AirCare pays you instantly† for a wide range of flight mishaps.

Covering your baggage.

Airlines and hotels lose around 1.8 million bags a year. ExactCare and ExactCare Family pay up their limits for the contents of your luggage, but require receipts for maximum reimbursement. AirCare pays an immediate fixed benefit for lost luggage and doesn’t ask for receipts.

Covering your destination.

Believe it or not, travel insurance doesn’t cover every location you could possibly visit. Before you buy a BHTP policy, ask us if any countries are ineligible for coverage. We’d be happy to help.

Getting you back on the road fast.

Any reputable travel insurance is going to pay a legitimate claim – but if you need payment while you’re traveling, three weeks to get a paper check isn’t going to cut it. Through BHTP Burst, ExactCare and AirCare claims can be paid in as little as a minute†. BHTP claim payments travel at the speed of … travel.

Giving you someone to talk to.

When you’re in a jam when you’re traveling, sometimes you just need someone to talk to. All BHTP products come with 24/7/365 travel assistance, meaning you can contact us on any device, via Facebook, Twitter, text, WebChat, email, or phone, and we’ll be able to get you answers and help fast.

Looking for more reasons to buy travel insurance? Ask Roseborough Travel!