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My name is Tiffany Clay and I am the co-owner and office manager of Roseborough Travel Agency. My goal is to ensure our office and our team is sending our Explorers on the most amazing vacations of their dreams, one destination and experience at a time. Roseborough Travel Agency has been in business since 1970 and we pride ourselves on upholding a standard of service and level of travel accommodations that this agency was not only founded on but our clients have grown to love. 

My specific area of specialization is in the exotic and luxury cruise and tour market. Each of our agents has an area of specialization, and I love to work with my clients, or Explorers, on taking some amazing journeys in interesting ways. 


Travel Specialties: 

Crystal Cruises - I have several Explorers who love Crystal Cruises not only for the beauty of their ships and their incredible customer service, but their amazing itineraries, inclusions, and food onboard. During my experience on board one of their ships, I was most surprised to find that even though they're in the "luxury" market, the cruisers were not stuffy. I saw passengers boarding their vacation in jeans and sandals just like anyone else going on vacation. The unrivaled standard of service is certainly a game changer for those experiencing Crystal for the first time; they are known for six-star service and uncompromising attention to detail, and that is just how I love to take care of my clients. 

“It was Crystal! There is not much more I can say [that I haven’t] said for the other four cruises I have taken with them. They do provide a very consistent product. The service is always excellent everywhere.” – Diane Congdon

Uniworld - In terms of river cruises, my clients simply love Uniworld. It's not only because they are a boutique river cruise with beautifully designed one-of-a-kind ships, or because the food and wine are incredible, or because the experiences are unmatched, but also I believe this all-inclusive, all-exclusive river cruise company speaks to a smart traveler, someone who is looking for more out of their experience than just sightseeing. They're the full package. My clients have come back to me with rave reviews on their itineraries and I am proud to see the world through their eyes and their experiences. 

“Starting with the Captain taking us and our luggage from the taxi drop-off down to the ship in Basel and continuing through the entire 13-day cruise, the staff was efficient, friendly, personable and always ready to accommodate our needs and wants. They addressed us by name, quickly learned what beverages we preferred and anticipated our needs.” – Ken & Florence Falter

Tauck - My tour company of choice. Though I work with many of them, my first pick is typically Tauck. It is more of a 'leave your wallet at home' kind of experience. After you have paid for the trip there is no nickel and diming after the fact, which I love and my clients really enjoy. 

Regent Seven Seas - Several of my Explorers love Regent Seven Seas for the all-inclusive nature of their experience. And I love helping them fulfill their dreams by planning extraordinary Regent journeys. 

Silversea Cruises - Lately expedition cruising has been a top request from our Explorers. Silversea is who I have been using for the Galapagos Islands, the Arctic, and Antarctica Voyages. But Silversea goes all over the globe. I have sent Explorers to the Mediterranean, and I even have a group traveling from Canada and New England down to Fort Lauderdale with them. Silversea provides excellent customer service, butlers for your accommodations, an elegant lifestyle of all-inclusive ultra-luxury cruising packages, the list goes on...

Oceania Cruises - They're a nice step before getting into the ultra-luxury cruise lines. They have tons of inclusions and offers, and incredible deals and promotions for being such a top-notch brand. The itineraries are incredible and the inclusions are great, especially with the O-life Choice. And often, because of our agency affiliation with our consortia, I get to offer my clients even better perks than they would get if they booked directly through the cruise line itself. 

“Elaine and I have had the pleasure of sailing with Oceania on four different occasions. The ships have ranged from their largest to smallest and on each one we have had: exceptional service, phenomenal cuisine; top-notch entertainment and cabins that were modern, up to date and tastefully decorated.” – John & Elaine Gilmore


We are always asked, why use a travel agent? Not only will you get our knowledge and travel management, but often we will also be able to add value from the affiliations we hold. 


My favorite place? Any tropical destinations. I love my yearly trip to the  Florida keys or even Pensacola Beach and my dream vacation is an over the water bungalow in Bora Bora or Fiji. A fish-in-the-floor hut? I'm there! 













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