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As of January 1, 2021 Roseborough Travel has commenced with a new Concierge Fee policy. As you know, travel agents provide a valuable service researching, planning and monitoring your travel through the entire process. Our minimal fee covers our services to assure a seamless and unforgettable vacation!


What do I get for my Concierge Fee?

As Professional Travel Advisors, we not only book your travel, we plan the full trip from beginning to end. Consider us your personal travel concierge.

Concierge Services:

· Travel Planning Consultation- a 10 minute to 1-hour conversation to gather information about you, the traveler and the experiences you are looking for out of this vacation.

· Destination, Experience, and Resort Research.

· Important Destination Entry Details:

o Do you need an International Visa for the destination?

o Is a Passport card or book necessary? And if so, how long is required on the expiration?

o Real ID? Birth Certificate?

o Will you need to pay an entry Tourism Fee? If so, how much?

o Any mandatory forms or inoculations required before travel?

o Covid-19 Test Requirements?

· Reservation quotation (and necessary changes).

· Booking of travel under legal requirements for travel.

o Do you have enough flight connection time?

o Is your name and date of birth as required by travel type?

· Check-in

· Boarding documents

· Sending VIP Requests to resort/ Cruiseline/ Tour Company

· Travel Protection

· Shore Excursions, Day trips, Transportation while in destination

· Have an issue while traveling? We are here for you!

· Need to file a claim on your travel protection? We can initiate your claim.

o Want a second set of eyes to review before you submit? We are here for you.

· After Travel: Though we do not expect any issues to arise, we know sometimes certain experiences are beyond our control. Did you have poor customer service on your flight? We can submit your grievances to the appropriate partner brands to help get your resolution.


We are here for you every step of the way. Our professional Concierge fee is only $50, it is due before the quotation and research phase, and is non-refundable.


Concierge Fees:

Domestic Airline, Hotel, AirB&B only - $50

International – Single airline and hotel/Air B&B - $100

Want help planning a cruise? Tour? All-Inclusive Resort? We charge a non-refundable upfront $50 fee.

Want a fully customized trip? Custom designed by one of our travel designers? Tailor-Made Journeys include a fee of $250. This is a non-refundable fee due before the quotation. The trip will be custom designed for you with every flight, tour, hotel, cruise, and tour connection.


When ready to move forward with your travel plans, we will collect the fee by credit card, cash or check prior to beginning your travel plans.


Thank you for your support – we are excited to send you on your next amazing journey!