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I am a Tampa native who grew up in the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida. I've loved learning about new cultures and traveling from a young age, so I decided to go abroad to teach English as a foreign language after graduating from USF and ended up spending more than a decade teaching in Spain, South Korea, and Hungary.

I've recently made the jump into the travel industry. I hope to be able to translate my experience living in other countries and my extensive travels throughout Europe into helping my clients plan amazing trips.



 Best Travel Experience: My best travel experience was visiting Montenegro with a friend for a summer vacation. We stayed in Budva, which they call the “Miami of Montenegro,” to sunbathe and swim but also had the chance to take day trips to the mountainous interior of Montenegro and to Dubrovnik, Croatia, as well as a ferry cruise around the Bay of Kotor.

Most Recent Trip: My most recent trip was earlier this summer when I spent a week with my sister in the Bay Area. Driving down the coast and seeing Big Sur was a breathtaking highlight.

Where do you want to travel to next? I would love to visit Montreal, Canada.

What do you look for in travel? When I travel, I like to have a well-rounded experience filled with new foods and historical points of interest with some relaxation on the side (especially during the summer). I'm fascinated by castles, so I go out of my way to visit castles, fortresses, and structures like that.

Favorite place in the entire world? Lake Bled in Slovenia is the closest I think I've been to being in a fairy tale because there's a beautiful medieval castle high on a cliff overlooking a picturesque lake. I've been lucky to visit three times in different seasons, and each landscape offers something different.

Favorite Place to Get Food: Hungarian food, from sweet cakes to meaty stews, is amazing. Goulash is world famous, but the pastries are to die for.

Favorite Souvenir: My fridge is filled with magnets from all the places I've been lucky enough to visit, but my favorite “souvenir” is the cookbooks my coworkers gave me as farewell gifts so I can try to recreate delicious Hungarian dishes back home here in DeLand. 





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