Tour Escort/Guide
Roseborough Ambassador






I am a 4th generation native Floridian; I grew up in the Fern Industry and have lived within 10 miles of where I grew up my entire life. I met the love of my life at 19 and have not stopped smiling since. We have our own Wholesale Floral business that we love. When our kids were grown, we decided I would try my hand at being a travel agent; I found that I was not good at ‘selling’ but that I loved planning trips and taking care of clients as their escort. As they say, the rest is history…



I no longer sell travel – I consider myself an ambassador for Roseborough Travel.  I love planning group trips, love sharing the experience of places and people with clients.



Best Travel Experience: WOW, there are sooo many! But I guess I would have to say that our first ‘Big’ trip was what really gave us our love of travel – YELLOWSTONE!  I won 2 tickets on Delta to anywhere in the continental 48 states, and we love nature, so I went to the library (it was before internet) and was checking out books on national parks when I got into a conversation with a volunteer, long story short, she highly recommended Yellowstone and she had been to almost all the national parks!! It was FANTASTIC!!



Most Recent Trip:  We go to Franklin, NC in the western North Carolina mountains every chance we get, but my last ‘Trip’ was escorting the Roseborough Christmas trip to Callaway Gardens, The Biltmore and Charleston.



Where do you want to travel to next? We have a little getaway planned to Siesta Key. We’ve never been so we’re excited!



What do you look for in traveling?  EVERYTHING! Food and drink is very important as well as historical sites, beautiful views, anything an area/region is known for, even corny roadside stands are important. Details, details, details but yet with enough free time to just let experiences happen.



Favorite place in the world?  Besides our home – our piece of heaven in Franklin, NC.



Best trip you’ve ever planned?  My group trip to Alaska, I planned it down to the Mimosa Morning in Glacier Bay.  It couldn’t have been better, 3 days on land then dome rail to the ship, every shore excursion was perfect, the whole trip was FANTASTIC!!



What is your planning motto?  Experiences – with the people as well as the place(s).



What do clients say about you?  Hmmm… probably that I’m happy, that I smile a lot.  I hope they feel that I take care of them on a trip.



Favorite place to get food?  There’s no way to answer that - I LOVE food, all kinds! 



Favorite souvenir from a trip?  I love colored gem stone rings, so back when we cruised a lot I would get one from each port. I also like to pick up a little piece of local art from different places.