Bonjour! I am from a bit of everywhere! I lived in the Maryland area for most of my childhood, until one day when my father decided he was tired of the snow and we moved to sunny Pensacola, Florida. I’ve called Pensacola home for 15 years now, but in between I have lived in Alaska and Germany. Living in Germany were the best 3 ½ years of my life!


Best Travel Experience: The best travel experience of mine was watching the sun set over the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Definitely something everyone should add to their bucket list!!

Most Recent Trip: This past fall I helped my sister-in-law move to Alaska! Since I lived in Alaska for a bit, I was so excited to return and meet up with some old friends of mine. During my week in Alaska I was able to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alyeska, the world’s largest chocolate fall at Alaska Wild Berry Products, Downtown Anchorage, and also enjoyed shopping and ate at some amazingly delicious restaurants and ate the biggest and tastiest brownie I’ve ever had in my life from the Alpine Bakery!

Where do you want to travel to next? My future destination list is quite extensive, however next I would love to visit the French Riviera! I love all things French!

Funny Travel Story: As we all know, driving in the city can always be frustrating and a little scary…..well driving in Paris was a whole other story. I was driving, my husband was in the passenger seat and my 6 month old daughter was in the back. Since I get a little stressed driving in big cities, my husband wanted me to pull over at some point before entering the city…..which didn’t happen. My husband had fallen asleep, I wasn’t paying attention since I was jamming out to my music and so ecstatic about visiting Paris for the first time, pulling over slipped my mind. My poor husband woke up to me screaming because, guess what, I was driving in the city of Paris. Driving only 10 miles in about 30 minutes felt more like days. As I was driving through the tiny streets filled with men, women and children crossing the road, vespa’s quickly zooming around me, people honking their horns….I was freaking out! As I was driving through the tiny streets, I was screaming and yelling, hoping I wouldn’t hit another car, or worse accidentally run over someone! We finally arrived at our apartment and since I can’t parallel park, my scared out of his mind husband hopped out and parked the car for me. It was finally over! No one was run over, no accidents happened, but I did pop my tire from brushing up against the curb haha!

Travel Expert At: I love absolutely everything about Europe! Since I had the amazing opportunity to live in Europe, I have been able to explore and find the best off the beaten path sights and restaurants.

What do you look for in traveling? I look for it all! An amazing food experience is a must for me! I also enjoy soaking in the history of anywhere I travel. ….And who doesn’t love a little relaxation!

Favorite place in the entire world? I absolutely love Paris! You will find me either gazing at the sparkling Eiffel Tower or frolicking through the beautiful gardens at Versailles.

Best trip you’ve planned for a client: The best trip I have planned for a client was for a previous supervisor of mine that I just simply adore. I planned an amazing European vacation for both her and her husband that included an ocean cruise along the Mediterranean and visits to fabulous Paris and Amsterdam.

Travel Planning Motto: Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

What do clients say about you? My clients will tell you that I have a bright and bubbly personality and that I plan the most fabulous trips!

Favorite Souvenir: I collect Christmas ornaments from anywhere I travel! My favorite Christmas ornaments are the handcrafted wooden ornaments I purchased from the German Christkindlmarkts (German Christmas Markets)!






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