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Born and raised in sunny DeLand, Florida. I love anything related to the sun, sand, ocean, and of course deep-sea fishing. I have always had a love and passion for traveling since I was a young girl. Having traveled so far as to Costa Rica, Iceland, Caribbean, Cabo San Lucas, and across Europe, I love sharing my own stories and personal experiences. My bucket list is very dear to me and as I try each year to check a few things off, I always seem to add more. You could say I have the travel bug. I am an expert at group travel and have been putting together large group trips for over 8 years. 


Best Travel Experience: My best travel experience was spending two weeks in Europe with my husband, eating and drinking our way through 6 different countries. We started our trip in Iceland with a swim in the Blue Lagoon. The water was so beautiful with its milky blue hues. Next, we headed to Dublin for a few days and had to get us a pint of Guinness. Then was Spain. We toured the Sagrada Familia which was breathtaking and ate tapas on Las Ramblas. We spent the end of our trip sailing the coast of Italy and France. Exploring Pompei and the Colosseum was so surreal, compared to what you read in History class. Of course, the best fish and Chips were in London. We met some of the nicest locals on our adventure. We cannot wait to go back.


Most Recent Trip: My most recent trip was with family and friends down in Key West, Fl. I love the drive down, making pit stops at each Key, and having the ocean on each side of the highway. The Florida Keys have some of the best fishing and snorkeling reefs around. My bucket list fish to catch is a Marlin. Sunsets at Mallory Square in Key West are sure not to be missed. 


Where do you want to travel to next? The next place id like to travel would be a tie between Germany or Greece.  I’d love to overlook the cliffs in Santorini, snorkel at Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos, or attend Oktoberfest.


What do you look for in traveling? I love traveling off the beaten path. I like to eat & drink where the locals go or try the island/countries signature cuisine.


Favorite place to get food? Italy! Whether it is eating a slice of pizza at, Antica, the oldest pizzeria in the world, street-side Gelato, or homemade pasta at a local Ristorante, you can’t go wrong.


Favorite souvenir? My favorite souvenir would have to be a jar of Silica Mud from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. The mud mask there is amazing and makes your skin feel soft.


What kinds of travel are you an expert at? I am an expert at group trips and Caribbean Cruises. Living in Florida and spending most of my summers in the Islands, I have a lot of experience with Caribbean cruise ports. I have spent 8 years planning group travel. I love planning large group vacations for Family trips, Weddings, Special occasions, and Corporate events.



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