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I’m a passionate foodie traveler who loves immersive experiences in diverse cultures. I may be a little addicted to cruising, logging over 400 days at sea on 55 cruises! Originally from Chicago, with stops in the San Francisco Bay area and the mountains of Asheville, NC, I now happily call the Deland/Orange City, FL area home.


Best Travel Experience: Hawaii. The Big Island never fails to impress me with its diversity of climate and geology. You can be in the Hilo rainforest in the morning, high atop a cold and windy Volcano for lunch, and back at the Kona beach by dinner. 


Most Recent Trip: Holland America Cruise to the Caribbean. St. Maarten was the highlight - featuring both Dutch and French cultures.


Where do you want to travel to next? France on a River Cruise. In fact - it’s booked for May 2017!


Funny Travel Story: I used to have riding an elephant in Thailand on my bucket list. But let’s just say that my experiences on a stubborn Donkey in Santorini, Greece (he turned around the steep hill and decided to go down instead of up!) and a tall Camel in Cairo, Egypt (it’s pretty high up once that camel stands!) have made me realize that I’m pretty much done riding animals in foreign countries!


What do you look for in traveling? A perfect combination of great food, delicious wines, active outdoor adventures and immersive cultural experiences. Since I’m a pretty seasoned traveler, I like off-the-beaten-path style trips that keep me out of the main tourist sites and get me into the daily lives of the locals.


Favorite place in the world? Home! Traveling is fun and necessary, but there is no place like the sanctuary of home.


What is your travel planning motto? Find the lowest rate for the highest quality experience. That’s not always the cheapest price - it’s a balance of value and luxury that matches a client’s travel personality.


Favorite place to get food? Mexico - a fresh squeezed lime margarita and a simple grilled chicken taco…yum!


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