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Travel Specialties

Mimi is an experienced group coordinator in the 55 and better market as well as an active community member of the DeLand Area. Mimi has a strong knowledge of the Washington DC area and loves traveling to Europe.


Favorite Destination or Vacation Memory: I am not a stranger to traveling. In between raising four children with my husband I have had the privilege of having been to many wonderful regions all over the world taking advantage of many side excursions. To name a few I flew first class into Brussels and drove to Antwerp I sailed on board a Uniworld Ship that cruised up through the Netherlands, “Tulips and Windmills” was the name of the tour. In Antwerp we saw spectacular cathedrals and rich history with 16th century facades topped by stunning gilded figures, enjoyed a spectacular canal tour through Ghent, toured the fascinating Delta Works in Veere. In Rotterdam, we toured the Delft museum and in the afternoon climbed through an actual working windmill in Kinderdijk. The next day we toured through Nijmegen, which is the oldest town in the Netherlands (founded more than 2,000 years ago. There we toured the “Walk in Van Gogh’s Footsteps” where the famous painter lived and worked. The next stop was Hoorn, Enkhuizen in North Holland to visit a bulb-growers farm. There we walked through colorful and seemingly endless fields of tulips and learned about the flower industry. I must say the highlight was in Zaandam where we arrived at the Keukenhof Gardens at the peak of the flowers blooming. Over seven million tulip bulbs were in full bloom throughout the seventy acres of gardens. It was breathtaking!


The best thing about traveling with Uniworld is the individual attention my mother, aunt, uncle, and I received from all of the staff. I mentioned to a server the first day that I enjoyed drinking beer but did not like a strong dark flavor. After all Belgium produces the most beer than any other country in the world and I wanted to partake. They immediately arranged for a private beer tasting and I found my favorite blond beer, “Erdinger”  by Weissbrau. After that I never had to ask for what I wanted. They brought me my “Erdinger” whenever the happy hours arouse. One of the nice things about Uniworld was that the cruise is all inclusive. The staff also learned the way we liked our meat and eggs cooked and that my uncle always always wanted extra lemon for his iced tea. They anticipated our needs and were extremely friendly. Several times the captain welcomed us to the bridge while he steered the ship down the Rhine River and through some of the canals and locks of the Netherlands. By the end of the cruise we were on a first named basis with the staff. The personal attention was phenomenal. 


I have also traveled to Jerusalem where my family and I swam in the Dead Sea, toured the ancient streets and mosques, enjoyed a gondola tour of the city of Venice, met the Pope in Rome, toured the pyramids, rode camels in Cairo, and climbed the Eifel tour in Paris. 


I am very familiar with Bermuda and Jamaica. While I worked for Certified Tours I took advantage of touring all the hotels on the islands.  There are some great choices depending on your interests.


One of my favorite trips was to The Canadian Rockies. My husband and I saw the action in Calgary at the famous Calgary Stampede, and viewed the breathtaking



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