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A Jersey boy born but not raised. I spent most of my life on the go. At one point in my teens, I landed in DeLand and met a beautiful girl with a crazy sense of wonder. While the rest of my family continued the nomadic lifestyle and traveled westward, I found my beautiful wife here and never wanted to leave.


Best Travel Experience: My cross-country road trip with Alyssa (my wife). You never realize how large the US really is until you see every foot of it. My wife and I had to reach Las Vegas by Oct 22 for a wedding, so a week early we hopped into a car and just drove. What started out as a dare, ended up being one of the best adventures in my life.

Most Recent Trip: Covid has limited a lot of my recent travel but working in social media has taken me all over the US. Most recently I had a stop off in Waco and despite being what some may believe is just an out of way town with a messed-up history, I found some of the best Tex-Mex I have ever eaten. No matter where you go, there is always some good food to be found. Just between you and I though, avoid the rocky mountain oysters.

Where do you want to travel to next? Is anywhere an answer? By plane, ship and train, there are more places I want to visit than I can list. I think in the short term, in a post covid world, a nice cruise will suit me just fine. 😊

What do you look for in travel? First and foremost is the food. Eating food is part of our day-to-day, so why would you just eat the normal burger and fries when visiting exotic locations? Even the air itself can affect how food tastes, so it is always the first experience I look for when going somewhere new.

Favorite place in the entire world? As a man who is ALWAYS on the internet, you’d think I’d say some big tech city. In all honesty, I’d prefer to be in nature. Walking through the forests of New England or along a secluded beach in South Florida. I have never been more comfortable than when I finally unplug.

Funny Travel Story: While traveling, I typically try to disconnect from the day-to-day. This tends to lead me to napping in very strange places. While touring the beaches of South Florida, my wife went hunting for shells leaving me to my own devices for a bit. When she got back to where she left me, she had found that I fell asleep in a tree I had climbed. It was nice and cool in the shade; the ocean’s roar was so soothing; I couldn’t help but nod off. It was all fine and good until she woke me… at least the sand was soft.

Favorite Place to Get Food: I haven’t left the US (yet). If I was going to call in now though, it would have to be between South Korea and Japan. I frequently seek out smaller restaurants to try dishes that are as close to their origins as possible. It helps that my wife is also a foodie and has been to Japan. She helps point me in the right direction for Sushi.

Favorite Souvenir: As lame as it sounds, an Iron Man T-shirt from Universal Orlando. It was one of my first trips after marrying my wife, and we stayed there for 3 days going on all the rides. I wear that shirt anytime I need a little pick me up, even if it is falling apart.





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