Hi all! I am a single parent. I have 2 children and 3 grandkids. I am grounded in the Lord knowing and having faith that his will guide me. My hobby, Wanda’s Words of Wisdom, started on the radio in Erie, PA where I gave a few helpful hints on the radio. When I moved home, I started writing for fun for the FOCUS Magazine, and now just recently I was blessed to do the Tampa Bay Good Morning Blend Show and brought Wanda’s Words of Wisdom to the set!


Best Travel Experience: Sitting by the railroad track in Alaska and seeing mountains all around me. It's God's country.

Most Recent Trip: I travel to see my kids and grandkids up north. I love to take the auto train! It saves wear and tear on your car and you meet so many interesting people!

Where do you want to travel to next? I would like to take my kids and grandkids out west. I have never been out west. I think America has so many hidden treasures just waiting to be explored.

Travel Expert At: Traveling the US by auto train. I love the East Coast and would love to take a trip to Cape Cod.

What do you look for in traveling? Relaxation and a stress-free environment. I love to eat and sit and just take in the sites. I enjoy exploring and walking to different local historical sites. I don't like being crowed in a large group of people moving at a snail's pace. I like to be moving and seeing, taking it all in.

Travel Planning Motto: To live, to see, to experience God's Blessings...

Favorite Place to Get Food: I love food and I am ready to try it all. Right now, beach food by the ocean at a small pub with family and friends is my favorite. 




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