I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, yet I'm a Puerto Rican at heart. Being raised by parents who were born in Puerto Rico caused me to identify as a Puerto Rican, even if I never lived there. This sparked my interest in travel, as I started to visit Puerto Rico frequently in order to meet up with family. Traveling has always held my interest; being able to see the different places in the world and the numerous cultures has helped expand my experiences and understand what goes on in the world.


Best Travel Experience: Mexico has to be my best travel experience, the hospitality that I’ve experience when visiting is like no other. The costumer service and the way we were treated was uniquely their own. No other place I’ve visited has been able to compare to the politeness of Cancun, Mexico.

Most Recent Trip: My most recent trip was to Jamaica, where we took tours and spent a relaxing vacation with family and friends.

Where do you want to travel to next? Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, as this is where my daughter is having her destination wedding.

Travel Expertise: The Caribbean is where I am expert at, as this is the place where I’ve spent most of my travel time.

What do you look for in travel? When I travel I like to relax, visit historical sites, and enjoy the various foods and drinks available.

Favorite Place in the World: Tahiti, because of the beautiful beaches, island, and views.

Travel Planning Motto: Safety first and as minimal problems as possible.

What do clients say about you? Detailed oriented, prompt, knowledgeable, reliable, and responsible.

Favorite Place to Get Food in the World: Habaneros, a mexican restaurant in Florida. Their food is traditional mexican food, and it is incredible.

Favorite Souvenir: Dolphin ornaments, I have always loved collecting dolphin ornaments, and my travels have allowed me to expand my collection.




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