Poland, East Germany & World War II


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Additional Info & Group Leader

Group Leader:

Cathy Blanchette



Message from the Group Leader:


This is going to be a trip into the past, but also to a hopeful future. Central Europe is an area with so much history that I find fascinating. Poland and Eastern Germany hold so much beauty, both architecturally and natural. 14th century cathedrals and castles are waiting for us to visit; I can feel it.


But why do I want to go on this trip? At a young age, like plenty of other school children, I read the Diary of Anne Frank, and it opened my eyes to a very dark part of history. The impact that it made still holds me to this day. During this trip, we’ll be visiting the memorials that represent over 11 million dead men, women and children from the tragedies of World War II. So, here’s the real reason I want to go – need to go – on this trip: There are people in this world who say that the Holocaust never happened, that none of the horrors took place. I must go on this trip so that I can say that I was there, and so I can speak for the dead, voice what they cannot. We can never forget man’s inhumanity to man.