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Hello! I'm a 5'8" ginger ball of energy that has big dreams and lots of Disney Magic in her. Before I worked at Roseborough I was a Galactic Federation Guard at Magic Kingdom. I'm new to the travel scene, but I have a passion to help people and want to make their dream vacations come true.

Best Travel Experience: Figuring out the NYC subway system on my own at 14. The first time I got on I was in Brooklyn and i was trying to get to Manhattan but I ended up going the other direction and staying on to the end of the line because I was scared out of my pants to get off and then get even more lost!

Most Recent Trip: I went to Steamboat Springs, CO to visit some family. I unfortunately didn't get to ski or snowboard, but that's probably for the best because I more than likely would have broken a bone or two because the graceful being that I am.

Where do you want to travel to next? Europe! I want to take a romantic getaway and see as much of Europe as I can and take it all in. I'm looking at a tour with Cosmos.

Fun Traveling Story: It was my second trip to NYC, I was with my mom and we were wandering around near Times Square. We passed an Irish pub and there was a huge group of handsome men standing outside in dress blues. Passing them we noticed they had Irish accents and it was a group of Irish sailors and they were in town to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

What do you look for while traveling? Definitely the food; I'm fairly adventurous when it comes to food and like to try new things when I go certain places.

Favorite place to be in the entire world? THE STRAND. It's a huge wonderful block-long bookstore near Union Square in NYC. There are 6 floors of every book you can imagine at fairly reasonable prices! I've spent many hours there and I recommend it to anyone and everyone I know going to New York City.

Favorite place to get food in the entire world? The gelato stand at the Epcot Italy Pavilion, until I have the chance to get actual gelato in Italy.

Favorite souvenir from a trip? I bought a few books from The Strand, and somehow a leaf from Central Park got stuck in one of them. A few months later I was reading the book and it fell out and surprised me! I know it's small but it was a nice reminder of my time there.






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